How to Payment

Payment through bank accounts.



Can pay by way of transfer, safety ATM, through banking, mobile banking, through the Internet.

Paid by bank account according to the top.

* * if the payment, please notify the payment function menu prompting payment. By filling out a form and enter the order number?

Payment by credit card.

1. Fill out your credit card in full and press "Continue" 
2. The system will send an OTP to your phone number. You can bring an OTP has been filling the pages in the code OTP (If you do not receive an OTP, please click "Request OTP" for the system to send an OTP to you again) 
3. Press ". next "to continue making payments to the finish. 
You can pay through Visa and Master Card cards, cards issued by a bank branch in Thailand (Support for Card issuer from Thailand Only ).

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